About Us

Our primary product line is etched glassware.  We can turn almost any image into a stencil, and using a special acidic compound, etch that design permanently into the surface of a piece of glassware.  Pint glasses, aka mixing glasses, are the most common glass we etch, as its shape and design allow for the largest variety of designs.  We also have created champagne glasses, which are perfect for weddings, as well as beer mugs, which allow for larger designs, and shot glasses, which are very similar to the pint glasses in terms of shape, which allows for great flexibility on design work.

We have always been happy to do custom orders as well, doing many since we first started.


When we first started out, our goal was to start screenprinting t-shirts.  We bought a stencil kit, and also bought some hi-resolution stencil material from the same company.  At the time, there was no plan for a company or to even sell them, we just wanted to make stuff for ourselves (which we still do)

Our first few projects involved trying to paint glasses with the stencil material, instead of etching them.  Unfortunately, the ceramic paint we used did little more than gum up the mesh, ruining stencils and giving terrible results.  We shelved those projects indefinitely.

Later, we saw a video on YouTube of a guy who used the same stencil material we used to etch glasses.  Having bought a couple of etched glasses from people at conventions in the past, I was intrigued.  We got some etching cream and went to it.  We used up that initial batch of hi-res stencils, and once we’d made a few that we were proud of, we started up our Etsy shop, where we have had consistent success since we began.

The rest, really, is history.  We’ve been constantly creating new designs on a regular basis since then, done dozens of custom orders, and upgraded our production/shipping setup from our spare bedroom to a much larger room.  We still operate out of our home, hand-etching these glasses.

In 2017, we started engraving glasses using a laser, and the results have been astounding.  More detailed glasses, more consistent turnout, and a better looking finish.  We know you’ll be pleased when you receive one of our glasses.